Welcome to Valley Vintage

I always loved vintage fashions, even as a teenager. I loved looking for and identifying vintage clothing. Instead of going to the mall, I'd go with my friends to the flea market, and thrift shops trying to identify something unique, cool, and vintage for my closet. Every garment has a special little story to it. A little glimpse into our past and maybe even into who our parents and grandparents were. There's something very special about the love and nostalgia that comes from that.
I began collecting for resale while working as an assistant to a vintage clothing business out of New Haven, Connecticut - Vintanthromodern Vintage. When I left that job, I found myself missing being around all of those clothes. I could have gotten lost in those racks. I wanted to fill my home with my own racks of vintage that fit my personal style.
Before I knew it, a vintage clothing business was born.
I officially started my business on Etsy in 2013. My boyfriend Matt partnered with me. Collecting vintage clothing and pieces has become something we love to do together! Every item that comes through our shop is hand picked by the both of us. We're always looking for that something special, while still being mindful of everyone's personal budget range.
We have recently expanded our home office to include in-house shipping with a 24-hour turnaround time, a full home office with expanded space for clothing inventory (which means more items in 2017 and 2018) and an in-house professional steam cleaning system and anti-allergen professional washing and cleaning station. We hope to continue to grow our passion for vintage over the next 3 years.