Top Reasons to Buy Vintage Clothing 

  1. It is made to last! Today’s clothes are made by an industry that quite literally makes clothing meant to fall apart. It is meant to be cheap and consumable. The sooner it falls apart, the sooner you come back and buy more. Don’t even get me started on the sacm of outlet malls. Vintage clothing was made to stand the test of time. Until the 1960s most clothing was made by hand at home. It was repaired at home. So it had to be sturdy. I think it’s more logical to invest your hard earned money into something that will stand the test of time. Or even pass on to future generations. 
  2. You’re shopping green. I know our environmental problems are no longer acknowledged, but it’s something I still deeply care about. If you buy vintage, it doesn’t go into a landfill. It doesn’t take up unnecessary space in our world. You’ve reclaimed it from the trash man. Feel good about that!
  3. Vintage clothing is a direct link to our past. Vintage fashion are relics of a different time. I never lived through the 60s or 70s, but they are my favorite period of clothing. I love wearing them because it puts me in a different time. I love when I can put together an outfit that makes my Mom say WOW! You look like me in the 70s! Nostalgia is a beautiful thing!
  4. It’s like buying a one of a kind piece of fashion. The likelihood of walking into an event and someone else wearing the same thing is slim to NONE. I don’t know about you, but I like those odds. There is also a wonderful feeling that comes when asked ‘where did you get that!?!’ And your response can be ‘Oh, it’s vintage’. 
  5. It’s sentimental. I have been selling vintage clothing for 6 years. Four of those years as Valley Vintage. I have seen people freak out over an item they never thought they would see again. Or when a customer finds a special toy or item that meant something to them, and can buy for their child.I LOVE that. In fact I live for that. Above I said nostalgia was a beautiful thing. It can also be a moving thing.
  6. Fashion Icons can’t be wrong. So many amazing clothing designers and styles are no longer with us. But we can continue to wear their iconic styles for generations. Places like the Fashion Institute preserve these items for a reason. Today’s designers pull from these great fashion eras. Looking at eras of fashion can be like looking at art. Art that is pretty, affordable, and you can wear it. That is amazing!
  7. It supports charity organizations, local community efforts and church organizations. Believe it or not, some of what we come across comes from places like local second hand or thrift shops. In many cases, our finds even come directly from members of our community. I don’t buy inventory overseas, made from sweatshops, or from unethical sources. It comes from the people and places around us. My business supports other local charities, businesses and families. That makes all of our efforts that much more special and worthwhile. I go to sleep at night feeling good about where my business dollars go and what they support. 
  8. It’s just cooler. See all the reasons above my little hep cat. <3